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GanGsTaH ShOuTouTs!
True BrOwn StyLe XIII
Me, Myself and I....
Mah CuTe FriEnDzZz
MoThaFucker TempLerOzZz
aLL DaMn ThiNgs AbouT mHe!
GangsTah LiFe
Place wHerE yOu cAn Get In ToUcH WiTh mHe!

Mah CuTe FriEnDzZz

These are my motherfucking Friends! Come Check them ouT!



Zup! By the way... This is my granfather.. MY very CuTe Granda! Ooops! He's taKen na eH! :p



HoLLa aGeN! This Guy is My PARE! He's kinDa NicE aNd sWeeT! PaRaNg KuYa Q Toh kC DaTi GsTo Ko LuMaYas... PiNiGiLan Nia aKo... MinSan Nga nAgbaLak pA kMi mAg-TaNaN eh! Hehehe!:p



Hi! Its McDale! My friend... Una d ko aLam kLa Q piNag33Pan niLa aKo ni KeN! Un pLa mAgKaKiLaLa pLa Tlga cLa! SweEt dn tOh!


[F][i]-[G] [L][o][c][c]

HoLLa BiTcHezz and NiGGazZ! Guess wHo's HeRe aT mAh SiTe?! Its my Very GoOd FriEnD Fi-g! Net Rapper dn tOh! xa aNg nKadiScOvEr ng TaLenT kOh! hehh! SticK to One dn tOH!


This siTe is bEiNg bRoUgHt tO yOu bY Bx.LadyFreak.One