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True BrOwn StyLe XIII

GanGsTaH ShOuTouTs!
True BrOwn StyLe XIII
Me, Myself and I....
Mah CuTe FriEnDzZz
MoThaFucker TempLerOzZz
aLL DaMn ThiNgs AbouT mHe!
GangsTah LiFe
Place wHerE yOu cAn Get In ToUcH WiTh mHe!



ReaL gUyz GeT DoWn oN Da fLO'...
LeT Me SpiT... i Got LuV fO tHuGz
i GoT No HaTiN'... iM SuRpRiZeD
guY aNd u aiNt No KiDDiN'... fO
sHiZZLe DiZZle uVe GoT Da LooKz...
fO JizzLe ReAZZle LyK a cLaN
cRooKz... u ShUd LuV uR sTyLe aNd
SuM FuN... cOz iT aiNt No FuN iF Ya
sHOwty CaN HaVe NoNe... jUz Do uR
DeN cHiLL No ShOCk... oL i GoT tO
aNd HiT is "HoLLa BaCk..."... Peace

The Bloods present a significant threat
to law enforcement officers not only due
to their predatory and violent behavior,
but more importantly, due to their
intense rivalry with the Crips. Both the
Crips and the Bloods have a strong
fascination with assault-type weapons...

The Bloods formed from the Piru gang on
1972 at Centennial High School, taking
the Piru Bloods name from "Piru" street
in Compton, California. The group formed
to protect members from the Crips.
Other gangs with the same motive
started using the Pirus’ and Bloods’
names to signify alignment with the main
gang. Although the Bloods’ membership
is smaller than the Crips, they are
potentially more dangerous, particularly
when present in numbers.

They most often identify with the color

PuTrEs cHiCaNo MuChO ReSpEtOs
NuMeRO UnO VeRA InDiO IstIlo CoZ
We ARe NuMeRo UnO DeMoNyItO
LoCo E SiLeNcIo PiStOlErO iN D
BarRiO ImPyErNo IhO De PuTo
CaRnAl EsE.... MuChO ReSpEtOs PoR
La FaMiLiA VeRiO InDiO eStILLo
EsE... Mi PaNdILLa bE La PrImErO
GuErReRo PoRqUe Mi InDio UnO
DeSdE La PaNdILLa De FiLiNo
cHiCaNo So ObSeRVaR VuEsTrAs
EsCaLeRa EnEmIgO Mi PaNdILLa
PiLiGRo..... To aLL yOu vaToS, MakE
SurE yOu ChEcK ThiS In EvErY bArrIo,
We'r WeLL ReSpeCteD TrUe BrOwN



wAs rAisEd By ThuGzZ sCkoOLed By kiLLAZz,
LeArnd mAh mAthEmAtiCk skiLLz fRom dRug dEALAzz
tRieD 2 riSe But thEy tRieD mE
i GUeSs dEy oL gOttA diE cASe wE tRieD
i diE iN dZz sTrEet
bLAst tiLL tHey rEcKogniZe
tiLL dO oR diE
oL mAH niGgA geTting hIGh wAtcHIn tyM fLy
bEsT sTrAteGizz oN mAh wAy tO pRofiTe
bEST orGAniZe hoW thEy ridE sO theY cAnt sTop it
thEn kEeP it pOppIng
A Lot oF bUStAh wAnnA sEe mE fALL
nOw dZz nEw sHit goNnA fAdE eM oL
mAH niGgAz bALL mAdE A ckALL fO sOme
d LIttLE hoMmiEz AnD mAh daWgZzs oN d
BLAck trACk
bUcK buCk wAS d sOund, AS thEir gATZz bURzT
NO nEEd fO AmBuLAncE bAby Bring tHE bLAck HurSe
sHOuLdA nEveR fUckd AroUnD buStAH
hOW YAh fIguRE mAking MOveS wD thA
wRong niggA..
hoLLAh..iF yAh hEAr mE..

cLicK hEre To sEe mOre PiX of UniTed TBS XIII

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