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GangsTah LiFe

Vera Indio StiLLo MUcho RespeTo

  yO zUp oL Gs? hErE cOmEs JheLa_NuMeRo_OtcHo! aNd I lIve bY tHe gUn, dIe bY tHe gUn! wHeN iM dEaD bUrY mE A G MuChOs rEsPeToS! WoLf bLoOd oRgAnIzAtIoN! KuLaPoG_nUmErO_OtChO! pEaCe ouT tHeRe!

Ahhmm.. Dito... La lng! Mga favorite ko toh pag ngsusurf me sa internet! Check nio nlng bka sakali mgng close tau! Malibog me un lng! Check nio nlng!

If u want to get in-touch with mhe... Common! Reach mhe! These are my Damn Yahoo IDs.!

lady_bitch021 and lilbastardlil

Check dis ouT! My favorite Games! and Ragnarok Online!

This siTe is bEiNg bRoUgHt tO yOu bY Bx.LadyFreak.One