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GanGsTaH ShOuTouTs!
True BrOwn StyLe XIII
Me, Myself and I....
Mah CuTe FriEnDzZz
MoThaFucker TempLerOzZz
aLL DaMn ThiNgs AbouT mHe!
GangsTah LiFe
Place wHerE yOu cAn Get In ToUcH WiTh mHe!

PaRa SaU tOh! BakeRo_NihOnwRecKorDs!

HoLLa! WazZuP! THis is my siTe... FeeL fRee pOh...  GiNaWa ko iTo pRa MaiPaKiTa aNg aKing HuSay At TaLiNo.. hehehe! :P WaLa cNo mAn Sa iNyO aNg TeLenTed EnOugH pRa mKaGawa ng GaNiTo! Kaya Check Dis OuT naLang!

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HoLLa! WeLcOme tO mAh DaMn SiTe! To aLL PeopLe oUt dEr...CheCk ouT diS SiTe That sUreLy yOu'LL LiKe! And to aLL GaNgsTah ouT dEr... PeAcE ouT! MuCh ThuG LoVe aNd ReSpEcT To The MosT BigTym GanGsTah in the NatiOn... TrUe BrOwn StyLe XIII! HoLLa MeH BacK iF YaH aLL FeeL mHe!

HoLLa EveRyOne! Im JheLa and Im tHe OwNer Of tHis Damn SiTE yOur Checkin' OuT! WeLL aLL I cAn Say AboUt mHe is Im a CerTiFieD Cute?! Nyahaha! SaBi niLa yAn! Good-KizZer?! WaNna Try?! aKo aY CmpLeng MabaiT,Cute,MaKuLit,SwEeT BasTA uN Lang! OnLy God Can JudGe mHe! So aLL U BeeYatCh aNd NiGgaZz oUt dEr dOnt yAh MeSs wIth THis DamN Nice Site or ElSe You Die! Aite?! CiaO!!!

Before yOu cOnQuRe my mAsTeRpiEcE mEn.. LeT uS hAve oUr GanGsTah pRaYeR....

0L miGhtY
tRue br0\Vn sTyLe
LiVe wiD gUn
DiE wiD gUn

iN LoVinG mEm0rY
hAiL niGgaZ fUL 0f wEedZ dA
gAnG iZ wiD U bLesSeD bY dA
0'Gz nD bLesSed bY dA biTch
gVe uZ diS dAy oUr dAiLy wEedz
nD pRoteCt uZ 2 oL fUckiNg p0LicE
____$$$$_______$$_____________$$$$$$____ ____$$$$_______$$$___________$$$__$$$___ _$$$$$$$$$$____$$$$_________$$$$__$$$$__ $$$_$$$$_$$$___$$$$_________$$$$__$$$___ _$$_$$$$_$$____$$$$_________$$$$________ __$_$$$$_$_____$$$$$$$$______$$$$$$_____ ____$$$$_______$$$$$$$$$______$$$$$$____ ____$$$$_$$____$$$$___$$$_________$$$___ ____$$$$__$$___$$$$___$$$____$$$__$$$$__ _____$$$__$$____$$$___$$$___$$$$__$$$$__ ______$$_$$______$$$$$$$_____$$$__$$$___ _______$$$________$$$$$_______$$$$$$____

HoLLa! This is mHe!
Hope YouLL Like My SiTe!

eNiOne hU'z gOn' aCcePt fOe' hU Ah aM .. nAw aH MeAn .. wiLLin' tO aCcePt mE aS Me .. cOz .. tO Me .. wHut yO' SeE iS WhUt yO' gOn' gEt faShO' .. eN tO aLL yO' *HaTeRz sHieT* oUt thUrR .. jUzZ baCk tHa' f*Ck uP .. dUn MeSs wiDDa bEsT yaHeRd ?! .. oR yO' gOn' sUfFeR dA cOnsEQuEnCes .. tRyNa cOmPeTe .. bUt iN ReaLiTy .. tHeRe'z nO cOmPeTitiOn .. wE RePReSenT tHa' OnE eN OnLy .. UnDisPuTeD .. iLLeSt .. BiGTyMe GaNG .. *TBS 13* .. bEttaH kEeP tHaT iN yO' fReakiN' nO gOoD hEaD .. gOt ThAt biAtCh ?!? .. tO aLL yO' hU wAnNa hOLLa aT Me ... juZz hiT mE baCk huRR iN fwEnSteR .. aYtz ?! .. rYte huRR .. diZtuRbiN' dA pHaYze .. iSh mE .. __LaDy.FreAk.1__ .. uP iN diZ mOtHa'f*Ckin' cRaCk .. bOuNCin' OuT ... PhAyZe ...

This siTe is bEiNg bRoUgHt To yOu by Bx.LadyFreak.One


This siTe is bEiNg bRoUgHt tO yOu bY Bx.LadyFreak.One